Final visit: Enjoy what I learned about Orchard Crest Retirement Community

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kim, the Activity Director at Rockwood South Hill

Here is an enlightening video with Kim. She does an amazing job in her role at Rockwood South Hill. Listening to her and learning about her passion for the folks at Rockwood it is no wonder she captivates the residents. Rockwood South Hill has an unbelievable high rate of participation in all the activities.

I spent an hour one afternoon in the main lobby with a dozen folks playing Mind Aerobics. After feeling like I was being challenged mentally I soon realized once again how sharp the residents are here at Rockwood South Hill. They had the answers to the mind teasers long before I did. Kept me on my toes.

Now sit back and listen to Kim share why she loves what she does so much...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Two: Rockwood South Hill Campus

Another wonderful day at this community. So many things to share and so many wonderful people I have met. I will have more to post at a later date, but for now here are two videos. This first is from Brenda who is the Wellness Director. This woman has a true passion to help the residents here live the best life they can. She does this with a series of programs she has developed and she shares some insights in this video.

This second video is from a lady at met who lives in the community. She lives in one of the homes and shares how she feels about this wonderful community. I will be writing more about the private homes and the different levels of care here at Rockwood South Hill in a later blog. For now here is Sue...

I hope you enjoy these videos and learn some of the unique amenities available here at Rockwood South Hill. Tomorrow I will be speaking with Kim, the activity director and her how she goes about her day. Stay tuned to see what I see.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rockwood South HIll Campus....Day One

Welcome Home...this is exactly how the folks at Rockwood South Hill made me feel today. I had a fabulous tour of this 90 acre campus and have several videos to share over the next few days. Start as usual is the video of the room and also one of the entry and library. Enjoy more to follow. I will be very busy this week loading my activities...they are keeping me busy.

Check  back tomorrow for the video I will be doing with the Health Coordinator.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Final Thoughts from Maplewood Gardens

When I began my journey of visiting different retirement communities in Spokane I was excited about what I would find. Each month I have found myself in a different place enjoying a new culture. So when I walked into the lobby of Maplewood Gardens I was struck by the caring staff. What I found as I was shown around the community is a friendly and loving atmosphere. It became apparent to me that everyone knew everyone else. It really was like one large community, a family of sorts. People caring and sharing their live with those who live close by.

Many of the staff and residents have been at Maplewood Gardens for up to 20 years. As I shared in previous posts this is always a good sign of the care that is given. I believe it is in large part from the management that has been in place for years...make sure to watch the video of Karen, the Executive Director it truly spotlights what I am talking about.

Maplewood Gardens is the perfect place for many folks. I recommend that if you are considering a move here or to any other community that you should spend time there. Have some meals, take part in activities, sit around and get a feel for the place. This is a wonderful non-intrusive way to decide if it is the right community for you or your family member. I learned a lot during my stay at Maplewood Gardens and one of the many things I discovered they say in their ad...Maplewood Gardens is a wonderful place to be!

Keri the Caretaker!!

This is a must see. Rarely do we encounter someone doing their job in such a joy filled manner. I watched her all week and was so impressed I felt compelled to hunt her down and ask her how she keeps her spirits up and is able to life the spirits of the residents at Maplewood Gardens. This community is fortunate to have her work with them. Watch and see what I mean!

Resident Isabella

Watch this video with Isabella a resident here at Maplewood Gardens. She shares with me how she enjoys her life here and how she feels about the care she receives.

Executive Director Of Maplewood Gardens

This is a great interview with Karen who is the E.D. here at Maplewood Gardens. She has a fantastic longstanding staff. I was lucky enough to get the chance to speak with her about her philosophy of service to both her residents and staff alike.